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When Life Experience Merges with Social Media

“On a typical day, 43% of U.S. adults said they visit sites like Facebook and Twitter, up from 38% a year ago, the survey finds. Among just Internet users ages 50 to 64, social-networking usage on a typical day increased to 32% from 20%. Compared with other online activities, respondents overall said they only use email and search engines more frequently than social networks.”  These are excepts from an article Adult Use of Social Media by Sarah E. Needleman from WSJ Blog.

I have found that many of my women clients, in particular those over the age of 55, are extremely vibrant, funny, gifted, life-experienced, vital, and excited about what is to come. Many of them have worked double and triple-time trying to keep up with technology.   They have found ways of detaching  from years of their paper trails to relying on their computers and clouds to sort and file.  Wow; how commendable.

This is not meant to be a ‘women rule the world’ commentary but it fascinates me to no end that we women keep on trucking, no matter what. This is my way of honoring those who have gone before me that teach me the ‘how to’s’ of life; my mentors.

In Needleman’s article, there are some statistical gems which indicate that adults over the age of 65 are getting more and more on the SM bandwagon.  This is so exciting because it means there is more life and business knowledge coming everyone’s way.

Life experience is truly beginning to infiltrate its way onto the web and I look forward to this emergence.

With PlanABrand’s Cindy Faith Swain, Needing a Plan B Is a Thing of the Past –

With PlanABrand’s Cindy Faith Swain, Needing a Plan B Is a Thing of the Past –

It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll.

At least it was for Cindy Faith Swain when she came to California in the late 1980s.

Cindy Faith Swain was recently honored by the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications as its 2011 Member of the Year.

Cindy Faith Swain was recently honored by the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications as its 2011 Member of the Year. (Alex Kacik / Noozhawk photo)

“I came to California to be a rock ‘n’ roll star,” Faith Swain said. “Then I thought I needed some money and that it would be nice to have a real job with health benefits.”.

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Jack Dorsey – Using Twitter

I use Twitter daily and it has changed my life; it has put oomph into being a sole-proprietress.

Twitter Co-FounderJack Dorsey, Chairman and Co-Found of Twitter, in this YouTube video (starting at time code 1:09 – below) said “I use Twitter as much as a journal as a broadcasting mechanism.  I can go back and see four years of my life and pinpoint every single development I’ve had in those four years.  Everything has been crystallized into some sort of message that may have been relevant to what I was experiencing and may have just provided some color….”

Since I started Tweeting two years ago, Twitter has helped me:

  1. Crystallize my thoughts
  2. Promote my business
  3. Promote my clients’ businesses
  4. Promote those I met and only know on Twitter but have built a ‘trust’ with
  5. Learn to collaborate with others that I didn’t know before Twitter
  6. Find others with complementary products and services
  7. Hone my own social media skills
  8. Learn more every day…

I am always trying to find new ways to market by listening and learning from others as well as being ‘ingenuitive.’  I continually learn from the comments of those I ‘follow’ and those they follow; what I do and don’t like; what I do and don’t want to emulate.   Listening to and sharing ideas in a short and sweet dialog of no more than 140 characters gives a solid ‘headline’ snap shot.  If I want to learn more, Tweeters usually include a shortened URL to continue on.  I like to share my knowledge with those who follow me.  I have an attitude of what I can bring to party first.  The ROI generally happens as a result of word/tweet of mouth, and I use Twitter to practice and learn marketing strategies.

Twitter is a for profit site but it has been unclear to me (and apparently to the masses) as to how they make money.  I did some investigating, and what I found is that Twitter has mostly generated revenue opportunities through deals with companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing, who bought the rights to display live Twitter feeds in their web search results. Twitter earned millions of dollars in revenue by selling the rights to publish live tweets on any trending topic. It’s a win-win deal, as it brings more users to Twitter and provides search engine users with live data which ultimately helps the advertisers to decipher and package this information.

Then there is the related concept of created ‘Promoted Accounts’ for advertisers such as Coke, Disney, and Starbucks which will be shown in the ‘Suggestions for you’ section, presented for Twitter users to follow. This advertising model is expected to increase Twitter’s revenues to up to $125 million in 2011 etc.

For a small, entrepreneurial business like mine, I follow this list of regular Twitter tasks:

  1. Listen to learn about my market and business practices
  2. Listen to learn about competition
  3. Listen to learn about things I don’t know about
  4. Listen to learn a new hobby or technique
  5. Listen to learn about what trending topics TV stations are posting during shows to find out what people watching are talking about to entice advertisers
  6. Listen to learn about what people think about ‘issues’
  7. Follow live dialog with “#”about topic airing on TV such as news or favorite TV show
  8. Incorporate my Tweets with my Blog, my Website, My Facebook Pages
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Social Media and Adults

Adult usage on the internet  is on the rise as per Mashable: “… Growth of social media is largely fueled by seniors, who still aren’t nearly as likely as younger age groups to use it every day. In the past two years, social networking use among Internet users age 65 and older has increased 150% while social media use among Internet users under age 30 has remained about stable (according to Pew, 83% of them use social networks)….”

Rock On Seniors (and AARP)!

LinkedIn Bootcamp – from Mashable

If you are trying to figure out what kind of Social Media can help you connect with others, LinkedIn Bootcamp may help you to understand just a little bit better. Take a look at the 5 minutes ‘bootcamp.’
LinkedIn Bootcamp on Mashable

Using Facebook Landing Pages – How To

Here lies a great example of how to USE landing pages to turn VIEWERS into LIKERS.

Design-wise, the blurriness of the 1st design entices the viewer (it did me) to click on the LIKE button.

Now, the VIEWER has become a LIKER.  The LIKER can now read the page clearly, and if the liker signs up,  they are eligible for a FREE e-book.

GOOD marketing. GOOD branding. GOOD BUSINESS?

Hubspot gives to GET and they’re serious about it.  There is no free lunch.  If you want the free book, you’ve got to give them your e-dress, phone, company, URL, etc. (all required IF you want to free e-book.)

I am not sure if I am the ‘norm,’ but I usually don’t give my real information – I generally opt out at that point though sometimes I may give one of my many alias e-dresses that I don’t use much and fudge my way through the form.  I am sure there are many like me, but there are those too, that don’t mind GIVING FREELY.

Still, I think HUBSPOT is on the right track, doing the right things, setting the right example to help small business think bigger and get bigger.

What Happens in 60 Seconds on the Internet

Marketing.. What it is?

The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price. Adcock….and to the right person.  Remember the audience you’re targeting.

One great part of SM is the ability to LISTEN first.  I might have the greatest services in the world (actually I do: & – nothing like a little shameless promotion 🙂 ) BUT if I don’t understand who my target is, whether they have money to spend, what they are interested in and talking about, why they might be a candidate for my services etc., I will never reach them.  Therefore, active listening is something that Social Media can do that Traditional Advertising can only partially do.
If you are a TV or  Print advertiser, you will probably know the demographics for a show or  readership that the station / magazine shares with you.  With Social Media, as long as one has to ‘register’ (on the right) for sites like FB, Twitter,  there is more psychographic information on your target.   Of course, people can lie about their age,  sex etc. so variables exist.

Will this all come full circle?  When ’emerging’ marketing is not so ’emerging’ anymore – or shall I say, when it stabilizes for a period of time, monopolies & oligopolies such as phone companies, TV stations, and the now Facebook, LinkedIn, Media giants,  etc.  will be the new old… kind of.

The days of traditional marketing are dwindling.  The emergence of streaming video, digital books, the level and ease of computer use is enabling boomers + etc. to more comfortably use internet technology. Therefore, more and more information is going to be available to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.   I think these entities are as powerful as the government – they are the new government. 

– Cindy Faith Swain @PlanABrand  – All rights reserved 2011©

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