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What Happens in 60 Seconds on the Internet

Marketing.. What it is?

The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price. Adcock….and to the right person.  Remember the audience you’re targeting.

One great part of SM is the ability to LISTEN first.  I might have the greatest services in the world (actually I do: & – nothing like a little shameless promotion 🙂 ) BUT if I don’t understand who my target is, whether they have money to spend, what they are interested in and talking about, why they might be a candidate for my services etc., I will never reach them.  Therefore, active listening is something that Social Media can do that Traditional Advertising can only partially do.
If you are a TV or  Print advertiser, you will probably know the demographics for a show or  readership that the station / magazine shares with you.  With Social Media, as long as one has to ‘register’ (on the right) for sites like FB, Twitter,  there is more psychographic information on your target.   Of course, people can lie about their age,  sex etc. so variables exist.

Will this all come full circle?  When ’emerging’ marketing is not so ’emerging’ anymore – or shall I say, when it stabilizes for a period of time, monopolies & oligopolies such as phone companies, TV stations, and the now Facebook, LinkedIn, Media giants,  etc.  will be the new old… kind of.

The days of traditional marketing are dwindling.  The emergence of streaming video, digital books, the level and ease of computer use is enabling boomers + etc. to more comfortably use internet technology. Therefore, more and more information is going to be available to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.   I think these entities are as powerful as the government – they are the new government. 

– Cindy Faith Swain @PlanABrand  – All rights reserved 2011©

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What is “Way to much” SM

On further examination of yesterday’s post about Tinkering, my first realization is that I tell myself I don’t have enough time to read through someone’s post – whether it be through Mashable, Twitter suggestion, etc.

The truth is, I can not not read through a post that interests me – I need to slow my mind down.

In order for a post to be palatable to me, it needs to look palatable – in other words, brief and to the point.

Anytime I see bullet points, I listen.  Anytime I see more than 3 paragraphs, my head says ‘no.’

For this coming week, on a daily basis, I am going to:

  • pay more attention to what I am reading
  • dedicate, truly dedicate 20 minutes per day scanning who I follow on Twitter – whatever 2o minutes will cover
  • visit  Tweet links and read the associated post / article in its entirety

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