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Color and it’s meaning

Compliments and Rewards


It was an honor and a privilege to receive the award for 2011 Member of the Year from Association for Women in Communications, Santa Barbara chapter. There really is nothing like getting an award to build your personal credibility. I’m so proud to have it hanging on my wall right next to my desk, however, I am always so

quick to discount my accomplishments and “flick the compliments off my shoulder” as my friend and colleague Lois Phillips so eloquently talks about in her book Women Seen and Heard.

I had the opportunity to talk about branding for 10 minutes and provided a hand-out which gives some basic tips.  Noohawk, Santa Barbara’s Online News Service covered the event.

I have always liked sharing information to help people better understand the value of themselves and their brands.  Click here for some basic branding tips.

I would love feedback and to hear some of your ideas on how to brand yourself and your business.

8 Minute Color & Image – Branding Webinar

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Color and Branding

by Paul Sable and Okan Akcay

The use of color in branding has taken on new importance as more companies go  global. Global brands such as BP (British Petroleum) (green), Cadburys  Chocolate (purple), Hershey’s Chocolate (brown), and Kodak (yellow) use color to differentiate, but also to stand out.

Brands are fortified in memory by way of an “associative memory network.” Marketers use color to strengthen associations. For example, we all have evoked sets. This is the set of brands that come into our head when we have a need for something (e.g., rent-a-car companies). What company do you associate with the colors red, yellow, blue, etc.? If consumers lack the motivation or ability to evaluate a product they may use signals or “extrinsic values” such as appearance or color to make a decision.  In today’s world of product parity and competition (with lots of options and brands), branding and perhaps color will be more important. Color will have more importance in countries where illiteracy prevails or the use of symbolism is widespread. International brand and product names also are often plagued by problems of language, pronunciation, meaning, cultural considerations and legalities and as a result, non-verbal cues have become increasingly important in positioning international brands quickly and effectively.

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Word as Image by Ji Lee

For more about Ji Lee:
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Challenge: Create an image out of a word, using only the letters in the word itself.
Rule: Use only the graphic elements of the letters without adding outside elements.

Word as Image invites you to see letters beyond their utilitarian dullness. It’s about discovering the magic behind the unique shapes and infinite possibilities of letters and words. This book showcases nearly 100 of Ji Lee’s head-scratching word images, along with tips to help you create your own and share them at