Cindy Faith Swain

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2011 AWC-SB Member of the Year

Cindy Faith Swain, Lois Phillips, Lynn Jones

Get your Plan ‘A’
right from the start!

Your logo is THE non-verbal visual representation of your brand when you’re not around to tell the story.


Cindy Faith Swain is well seasoned executive and owner of Plan A Brand, a full service branding, marketing, and social media company.  With our ‘shrink to fit’ business tactics, we customize strategies to meet YOUR SPECIFIC BRANDING NEEDS.

Cindy has over a decade of experience at Warner Bros., and since 2002, she has been independently helping companies expand their brands locally and globally.


With over twenty years of worldwide licensing and business development experience (Warner Bros. and entrepreneurially,) owner Cindy Faith Swain can help turn your brand into something evergreen.  Get your brand and campaigns ready for prime time.

Cindy Faith Swain is a well-seasoned executive and owner of PlanABrand, a full service brandingmarketing, and social media company, specializing in Intellectual Property and Campaign Branding. Cindy has over twelve years of executive branding and marketing experience at Warner Bros., and since 2002, she has been independently helping companies expand their brands and business globally.

Whether you are a Small Business, Licensor, Licensee, Creator of Intellectual Property, Publisher, Manufacturer, or Promotional Partner, etc., Cindy Faith can help turn your Intellectual Property into an ‘ever-green’ product.

Get yourself ready for Prime Time Television and Cable Broadcasters, Publishers, and the Worldwide Licensing Community.

Our Menu of Services include:

  • Brand and Business Development
  • Social Media: Marketing and Management
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Campaign Strategies and Execution
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Identifying Target Markets and Demographics
  • Creating Brand Alliances with Complementary Businesses
  • Exploring Primary and Ancillary Product Applications
  • Developing Collateral Materials to Make You ‘Pitch’ Ready
  • Licensing Business Development