With over seventeen years of worldwide licensing, sales, and administrative experience, owner Cindy Faith can help turn your creation into an ‘ever-green’ intellectual property. Get your brand ready to be pitched to publishers, licensing partners, and broadcasters.What We Do:

  • Help you to clarify and create a brand identity
  • Assist in the creation of your business and marketing plans
  • Develop sales tools such as business cards, collateral materials, and signage
  • Get it ‘right’ from the start
  • Determine your target market
  • Explore primary and ancillary product applications
  • Create a cohesive strategy that can be extended into publishing, entertainment, licensed merchandise, services
  • Help you develop an evergreen property
  • Develop sales, marketing, and business strategies
  • Build brand identity
  • Help to affiliate you with complementary businesses and websites
  • Shop Licensing Show
  • Get you ‘pitch’ ready
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