PlanABrand Helps You Get It Right From The Start

Your brand is THE non-verbal visual representation when you’re not around to tell the story.

Welcome To, the premier Licensing Agency dedicated to helping brand and intellectual property owners get licensed.


With over twenty years of worldwide licensing, business development, and administrative experience, owner Cindy Faith can help turn your creation into an ever’green’ intellectual property.

What We Do:

  • Clarify and build your brand identity into an evergreen property
  • Create a cohesive business plan and brand strategy that can be extended into publishing, entertainment, licensed merchandise and services
  • Identify target markets and demographics
  • Social Media Marketing & E-Campaigns
  • Research the competition
  • Explore primary and ancillary product applications
  • Affiliate you with complementary businesses and websites
  • Develop collateral materials to get you ‘pitch’ ready

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing, Licensing, and Sales Plans
  • Targeted Sales Plans
  • Creating Worldwide Content Distribution

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